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Madam Murder's Top Hat and Monocle by DR34DNOISE Madam Murder's Top Hat and Monocle by DR34DNOISE
Hey guys, as of late i've been drawing up images for what i imagine my character in Soul Eater to look like. Madame Murder is actually just an Alias for Imperial Madwin (My Soul Eater OC) and you'll find out why if you read the story just why she's called that.

Later on i might make a rough sketch of just how imagined Imperial to look like, but that's just a maybe. Just a foot note but i hope that you guys like my first real attempt at shading the monocle. It's a shame that i've been thinking of simply scraping the monocle as my character is female and a monocle isn't really feminine. But ah well. Even the best of authors go through numerous drafts before they get what they want.

As you can see by the Top Hat, i plan on having a 'Theme' for the OC. That theme being Red, Blue and Black. The way i see it, red and blue are more or less the colour equivalents of Madness and Bravery. And since my character is (I don't quite know how to describe her insanity. A Symbiotic one, i guess?) suffering from Madness but has guts and values friendship highly, i made the top hat reflect that. Plus, i just like Top Hats.

Its a future plot point might i add just how far she goes down the rabbit hole, so to speak, of madness in order to save her friends. Being brave enough to go insane, quite an interesting way of summarising the situation, isn't it?

The Monocle has been what i spent roughly 60 percent of my time on when drawing this, my first attempt at shading i am pretty happy with, and if you notice the edges are highlighted with red and blue.

All in all, i aimed to make her have a asymmetrical yet at the same time symmetrical appearance. She is a symmetrical opposite, is how i would describe her.
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CrazySarahify Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Nice hat XD rofl
DR34DNOISE Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and since we're all individuals beauty does different things to us.
And by that I mean you must like my picture so much that you're rolf-ing out of sheer happiness.
CrazySarahify Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
>XD Sure~ You are so weird!
Ca11m3Raven Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Student Artist
Have you no shame? I'm busy working on a completely unique story (which you bashed.) and your'e over here writing little fan fiction stories?
I'm sorry, the hilarity of it all is just.. Huha... Satisfying.
DR34DNOISE Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
I know right? Whilst I'm writing fanfiction, you're writing a novel, and I still manage to write better than you. XD It's absolutely HILARIOUS.

I can't take your comment seriously, since you mispelled "Your'e" (It's "You're" by the way) I can only imagine you speaking in an irish accent. XD It's funny. Really, really funny. And stupid somewhat. A joke even. You draw the conclusions to what that is like.
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